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Drama is offered for senior students in years 7-9, with a focus on laying the foundation for further study at GCSE and A level. From the Greeks to the 20th century, each year explores a significant period in the development of theatre, analysing the plays and their social significance, performance styles/practices of the era and advances in staging and production.

This is achieved through alternating lessons in Drama, where the plays are studied, with Performing Arts, which develops those plays through acting, voice, dance, and technical production.
There is an additional 8 week Drama course in year 9 on the Creative Arts carousel, where students will explore a play and practitioner of the 20th /21st centuries, using Edexcel attainment objectives and assessment, giving access to a taster of study at GCSE level.

Year 9 carousel unit
Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following skills:
Body Language; Gesture; Facial Expression; Exaggeration; Posture; Tone; pitch; volume; pace of voice; proxemics; levels; movement; blocking to create a character and communicate meaning.

To be able to demonstrate the following knowledge and techniques:
Entrances and exits; blocking; levels; stage configurations; staging choices.
To be able to read, learn, rehearse and perform a small piece of script (monologue or duologue)
To consider the audience when creating drama.

To be able to give reflective and evaluative comments on their own and others’ work.