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Information Technologies

The Cambridge Nationals Information Technologies course is an option for Year 10 and develops knowledge and skills previously covered in Key Stage 3. Please see the Full Options Booklet 2021 - 2023 below for details

We are increasingly surrounded by a range of technology. To ensure that you are ready for a future career, being able to demonstrate your skills and expertise in information technology is paramount.

The collection, communication, and storing of data is evident in many areas of life, for example, wearable fitness trackers, mobile phone location data, through to online retailers targeting the right product to the right customer. As such, Information Technologies explores how raw data is turned into something meaningful, through using a range of approaches and technologies, while being adaptable and resilient to evolve with advances in technology.

Through engaging with this course, you will learn how different types of technologies can be used, from data management, to effectively using the appropriate tools and techniques to develop digital solutions to real life problems. You will also cover areas from how to reduce cyber-attacks through to effective project management, where you will initiate, plan, carry out, then evaluate the full life-cycle of a project.

In completing this course, you will have a variety of career paths open that require a level of digital literacy, such as apprenticeships or entry-level jobs such as ICT help desk support. The course would provide a strong foundation to study at a higher level areas such as cyber security, digital media, software engineering, web design or other ICT and computing-related subjects.

The assessment consists of one written examination (1 hour and 45 minutes) along with a range of teacher marked assignments with a range of set tasks.