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How To Apply


IMPORTANT - You must read all of the following information carefully before selecting the correct option.

Reception and Year 7

Holy Trinity School will be part of the Local Authority’s co-ordinated arrangements which require all parents/carers who wish to enter the school in Reception or Year 7 to complete a common application form (CAF) provided by the Local Authority. Copies of this form are available from the admissions team at Babcock Prime, Prime House, Woodbury Lane, Norton, Worcester, WR5 2PT or online here. Full details of the application process will be available in the local authority brochure: Information for Parents booklet. In completing the common application form Holy Trinity School must be listed as one of the preferences. Inaccurate or false information on the form could result in the place being withdrawn. Applications must be made by:

31st October 2020 - Year 7
15th January 2021 - Reception


All Other Year Groups

Pupils who wish to enter year groups other than those for which there are Published Admissions Numbers will need to apply directly to School Admissions, who, on behalf of the school and the Local Authority will co-ordinate these applications

The application will subsequently be managed according to the school admissions criteria and admission granted depending upon availability (in line with published admission numbers). In accordance with the School Admissions Code priority will not be given to children based on the date of application or the date of being added to the list, but rather on the basis of how the application meets the admissions criteria. Where a year group is over-subscribed applications will be handled in the way outlined in the section headed ‘Oversubscription procedures’.

The Co-ordinated Scheme can be viewed here.

Sixth Form

You can apply online here at our website by clicking here

As of September 2018 there will be a reduction of PAN from 50 to 30 places into Year 12.

* We welcome applications from families who would be eligible for pupil premium.



All requests for appeals should be made to the school. The appeals are then administered on the school's behalf by the Appeals Secretariat, based at County Hall in Worcester. Please click here to go to Worcestershire County Council's website which explains the appeals process and has the School Appeals Timetable available to download.