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Mathematics is crucial in everyday life and it is integral to all aspects of life. Mathematics teaches pupils how to make sense of the world around them by equipping them with a powerful set of tools to understand and develop their computational skills, and an ability to solve number problems in a variety of contexts. Success also requires practical understanding of the ways in which information is gathered by counting and measuring, and is presented in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.

We endeavour to ensure that pupils develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards Mathematics that will stay with them as they go through education and beyond.  The pupils need to show fluency for each objective; they need to show they can apply each objective and then show they have mastered each objective through problem solving and reasoning.

The planning is based on White Rose Maths Hub schemes of work that provides a curriculum plan that will support ‘Teaching for Mastery’. There is a termly plan for each year group. As part of each overview, a significant amount of time is devoted to developing key number concepts each year. This ensures pupils build their fluency as number sense will affect their success in other areas of mathematics. Pupils who are successful with number are much more confident mathematicians.

In an effort to raise mathematical standards, the pupils (from Year 3 onwards) answer a series of mathematical questions on a weekly basis. When the pupils answer the questions correctly within a 10 minute time limit, they move up the ‘GEM’ level. Certificates are awarded in the weekly Achievement assembly.