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Science in years 7 and 8 at Holy Trinity School

In the science department we strive to create enjoyable and interesting lessons that feel different from other subjects because we incorporate practical or other kinaesthetic activities whenever we can. Our objective is to connect learning to real-life contexts so that our young people are able to have informed opinions on the scientific issues they will encounter throughout their lifetimes. The science teachers and support staff work together as a team to deliver lessons of the highest quality.

We are very lucky at HTS that science is given such prominence in the curriculum at key stage 3. We have 50 % more lesson time than the government’s minimum recommendation, as our students have 3 lessons of Biology, 3 of Chemistry and 3 of Physics over the 2 week timetable. A huge advantage we have is that these lessons are delivered by specialised Biology, Chemistry and Physics staff. Students benefit from their teachers’ in-depth knowledge and expertise. The confidence and creativity of the teaching leads to confidence and excellent progress in learning.

We follow the Oxford KS3 “Activate” Science course which provides a great platform from which to build for the GCSE courses which begin in year 9. We invest in an on-line learning platform called Kerboodle and students are able to access resources and the text books from home to support their independent study. The following table gives a brief outline of the topic areas covered in each science in years 7 and 8.


Science in years 9, 10 and 11 at Holy Trinity School

We begin the GCSE course at the start of year 9.

Please see the Full Options Booklet 2021 - 2023 below for details.  The short presentation below also gives further information.