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Year 7
In year 7 pupils are introduced to the Home Economics room and the range of equipment within it. Health and safety is the focus as pupils learn to use a sharp knife safely and practise their chopping skills with a range of ingredients. Pupils learn how to use the oven independently and cook a range of products. The aim through the rotation is that they are confident using the equipment and the room safely and hopefully they can start to think about adapting recipes. Pupils research issues linked to sustainability, food miles and food waste. Products they make include French bread pizza, fruit crumble, chicken fajitas and mini carrot cakes.

Year 8
In year 8 the focus moves on from using equipment safely to preparing, cooking and storing food safely. They learn about food poisoning and ways to prevent it. They start to cook more complex dishes which involve more elements such as spaghetti Bolognese and are encouraged to adapt recipes more by introducing more ingredients. Pupils learn how to make bread and this is skill is then adapted to pizza. To link into the KS4 curriculum pupils conduct an experiment involving cakes to try to gain an understanding of the function of the ingredients. This then leads to making cakes using different methods and finally onto a showstopper. Pupils design, make and decorate a showstopper celebration cake for a person and occasion of their choice. Pupils research different cultural and moral beliefs linked to food.

Year 9
Pupils build on their Year 8 skills producing more complex dishes, often independently and by adapting recipes. The focus of this unit is on different user groups so pupils research the nutritional needs of different age groups and plan a meal for one group, this task is linked to the KS4 curriculum. They also conduct an experiment as they would at GCSE level where they look at pastry and how different fats change its texture. They use these pastry-making skills to make a pie of their choice. Other dishes they make include cottage pie, Swiss roll and cinnamon buns.

Year 10 and 11
For information on our GCSE choices  please refer to our year 9 Options Evening video below. If you have any questions then please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will do our best to help.




Year 7
In year 7 we introduce our students to the material area of Textile design. We primarily learn about decorating fabrics using dyes, printing inks, embroidery techniques and applying embellishments like beads, buttons and sequins. Students design an ‘Under the Sea’ inspired picture which will be produced whilst learning new techniques. We produce samples of tie and dye, batik, stencil and string printing, hand embroidery stitching and students will be introduced to using the sewing machine. Once they feel they have mastered sewing this way they will take their ‘Driving Test’! Other key skills like designing, researching and presentation techniques are an integral part of this project.

Year 8
In year 8 we begin to extend our knowledge and skills in using the sewing machine as a tool for artistic development. We design and make an Applique picture based on ‘Inspirational Landscapes’. We use recycled fabrics to create a decorative panel which will be embellished using hand and machine embroidery to add details in the landscape. Buttons, beads and sequins can be used to further enhance the picture and students can extend their skills by using other textile materials like Angelina fibres and foils. They will again, continue to focus on becoming a designer who can present ideas artistically.

Year 9
In year 9 we embark on our first ‘Fashion’ project. The brief is to design and make a pair of ‘surf’ inspired board shorts. Skills include developing repeat print patterns, which are inspired by a tropical theme. Students will create lino and stencil prints based on their chosen design. They experiment on paper and fabric before printing over their chosen piece of polycotton. Using paper patterns, they will then cut out their pieces and will construct the shorts neatly and to size. An elasticated waist is added and some students like to add pockets and personal logos. As ever, designing, presentation and research sheets are an integral part of the project.

We will then embark on a Music themed design brief. Students are encouraged to research imagery and text relevant to their favourite music artist or genre.

We will then investigate traditional ways of using tie dye and macrame to decorate fabric. With these new skills each student will produce a tie dyed, printed and distressed Music themed T-shirt of their choice.

Year 10 & 11
For information on our GCSE choices within Art and Design please refer to our year 9 Options Evening video located at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions then please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Art or Textile Design, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Graphics and we will do our best to help.