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Year 7 - In Year 7 pupils are introduced to the Formal Elements of Art and these are used as a basis for the projects they do. The theme for the first project is Geometric Animals. Pupils explore line, shape, colour and pattern experimenting with a variety of tasks and looking at a range of different artists. They are introduced to the basics of colour theory and colour mixing using paint and develop their ability to mix a range of colours and use a paint brush sensitively. They work towards a final piece where they create their own geometric animal incorporating mixed media and demonstrating the skills they have developed. The second theme pupils explore is ‘Landscapes’ where they study the work of David Hockney and Vincent Van Gogh, looking at their mark making techniques. Pupils use a range of media such as oil pastels, watercolour crayons and collage to create a range of postcards using landscapes of their choice.

Year 8 - In year 8 pupils are introduced to the world of bugs! In the first project ‘A Bug’s Life’, pupils look at a variety of insects and produce a range of studies using various materials. They are introduced to different artists who have been inspired by insects and develop ideas in their sketchbook. For their final piece pupils are challenged to design and make a 3D bug from recycled material. The second theme pupils explore is ‘Sweet Treats’, where they have the opportunity to develop their drawing and painting skills exploring the topic of food. Pupils take inspiration from Sarah Graham and Wayne Thiebaud, exploring different compositions of sweet treats. They are introduced to different printing techniques and experiment with them to enhance their ideas before producing a final piece of their choice.

Year 9 - In Year 9 students develop a variety of more complex skills and techniques and gain a greater insight into what is expected in GCSE Art. Previous skills are built upon and honed, in particular a greater emphasis on contextual analysis. The first theme covered in Year 9 is ‘Architecture’, focussing on developing drawing skills in one and two point perspective. Equipped with these skills, students experiment with a variety of 2D and 3D mixed media techniques influenced by their artist research and analysis. Students then explore compositional techniques enabling them to proceed to creating their final piece. The second theme of ‘Human Figure’ allows the students to build on their experience of a broad variety of materials and working methods and continue to improve upon these. Having perfected individual drawing and painting skills, students embark upon a more in-depth look at the many different approaches to representing the human figure in Art.  Developing independent research into the figure, students will investigate the work of artists Da Vinci, Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti, David Oliveira and Diane Komoter to produce a number of figure drawings concentrating on proportion. Students are challenged to produce final sculpture of a wire figure in an action pose enabling them to realise their 2D drawings into 3D forms.

For information on our GCSE choices within Art and Design please refer to our year 9 Options Evening video located at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions then please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Art or Textile Design, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Graphics and we will do our best to help.